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Who is the V.O. Bro?

As we proceed to give you what you need..

Let’s get one thing clear. The term is “breaking,” not “break dancing.” It’s a subtle difference, but an important one. “B-boying” is also not only acceptable, but preferred. When you grew up in New York, in the birthplace of Hip Hop and the heart of b-boying, you have an appreciation for that kind of distinction. Especially when being a b-boy is more than your hobby, it’s your profession. That talent and drive led Chris “Blend” Miranda on a path of world tours, music videos, and well-deserved moments in the limelight working with some of the biggest artists and celebrities.


And while Chris wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything, he knew it was time to trade a life out of a suitcase with an opportunity to flex his skills as a highly versatile performer in a new way. Chris understands energy, he understands flow, he understands when to keep it reserved and when to let it all hang out.  


Today, Chris is an up and coming Voiceover Talent, recording from his home studio in Oakland, California. He is noted for approachable, confident, and adaptable Voice Over personas in a natural American English accent. And he is experienced in delivering a variety of broadcast quality audio from YouTube narration to e-learning to character work and more.

You can count on Chris’ tenacity, self-discipline, and steadfast focus on delivering exactly what his clients need and deserve.