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 Session fees are fixed, but usage fees are open to negotiation depending on distribution.
If you'd like a general idea of going rates in the industry, visit these pages to learn about industry-standard Session Fees.
Before I can give you a quote, I need to know:

  • The copy/script length

    • In [00:00] for Commercial​

    • In word count for Narration

  • Intended usage

    • Digital Advertising (web, paid or social media)​

    • YouTube (paid or user generated content )

    • TV broadcast (local or national)

    • Radio (FM or Satellite)

  • Term

    • How long it will be in use OR if you prefer total buyout

  • If your project is a one-off or part of a series

  • If there are any character/dialectical requirements

  • Your deadline

Please know that the final product is broadcast quality audio, which takes time as well. Advertisement projects come standard with unlimited revisions for one week after delivery.

Microphone: AKG P420

Interface: Audient iD14

DAW: Adobe Audition

  • Can I listen to you record my script?
    I am available for Phone/Skype, Zoom, Live sessions then you can hear me record in real time plus any good, clear direction with the script. There is a small additional fee for this.
  • Are there any other fees I should know about?
    NONE. The price you pay for all non-broadcast recordings is buyout, meaning you don't have any residuals or royalties to pay. However, if the usage changes from what was originally paid for, then additional fees must be paid. For example, if you book and pay for a TV spot, that is then used online six months later, you must pay for that additional usage.
  • Where do you record the scripts?
    I have a professional broadcast quality recording studio. I record using professional microphones and equipment. Not using cheap plastic microphones . After all, I am representing your brand and product, and the sound reflects on the quality of your business, so you should have the best for a recording that's going to be used for years!
  • I have more specific questions that aren't listed here
    Great, I'd be more than happy to help. Just send me an email
  • Do I own the audio? What are the licensing terms?
    Recordings that are made for NON-BROADCAST use, including phone messages and YouTube clips, E-learning, audiobooks, personal use etc. are buyout in perpetuity. Meaning you own the recording for use in any 'non-broadcast' use forever with no additional fees. For BROADCAST recordings used as TV, Radio, or Internet Commercial spots, these licenses are for 1 year usage from the date of recording. Buyout in perpetuity (unlimited usage forever) for these is double the rate.
  • What audio format will I get?
    Whatever you request! After making payment, Just let me know the format you need and anything else. Standard audio formats are WAV and MP3.
  • Are you able to add music or edit the recording into smaller files?
    Yes , I do offer these production services. However you must provide me with the music you want mixed with the voice. You also need to pay a small extra fee for this service.
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